Monday, 22 March 2021

Bye Skinny Jeans! A Love Letter To A Style Icon


The older you get the sooner you realise that trends literally do come back around again. Now that I'm in my mid 20s I actually remember the current trends of the noughties that are making a revival right now. These include the wide leg jeans, cropped tops, small handbags and trainers. This was bound to happen as in recent years we've had the 70s, 80s and 90s in fashion and even though the 90s trend is still here, now the 00s are here too.

I have fond memories of the 2000s because I was a child and when you're a child everything seems amazing, the only things you care about are playing with your friends, children's tv and following every move that your favourite boyband makes. I was too young to enjoy the trends of the early 00s, so now it's the perfect time for me to embrace what I missed. The only trend that I still can't quite let go of is the skinny jeans.

It was 2008 and we had to endure almost the whole decade wearing the dreadful bootcut jeans. Not quite skinny, but too slim to be flares, these jeans were low waisted so sat literally just on your hip bone and the legs always touched the floor meaning that if you were stuck in a downpour then you're jeans would be ruined. I think that because of this downfall skinny jeans were like to meteorite that came crashing down to earth, but this meteorite saved us instead of killing us. Suddenly we had a par of jeans that you could wear with anything- boots, heels, sandals, trainers and you can wear them with any kind of tops including vest tops, tunics, long sleeve tops. It was great! Also skinny jeans make every body shape feel and look amazing because it contours to the shape of your legs and bum perfectly. Another important point is how comfortable they are. I used to buy the Topshop Joni and Jamie jeans (RIP) and they came in so many different leg lengths, widths and you could also buy a petite and tall fit too. They were by far the comfiest out of any brands I've tried. Black skinny jeans were also the key item for any rock and roll look. seen on celebrities such as Kate Moss who would wear them with both black boots and ballet flats. 

However that was over 10 years ago now and 2017 was the year that we started seeing straight jeans appear. Maybe this was the start of the change that was about to happen. Straight jeans are still slim but they don't sit close to the legs like skinny jeans do. Again I bought my straight jeans from Topshop. They were called the Orson jeans and they were high waisted jeans that had a 90s look to them, but sadly they were only around for a couple of years.

Looking forward this years trend (at least for Spring & Summer 2021) is wide leg jeans. These include not only the wide leg jeans of the noughties but also flares, mom and straight leg jeans. I already have a couple of pairs of wide leg jeans from Stradivarius- two mon jeans and one pair of wide leg jeans and so far I'm loving them! As I'm short I have to wear them with heeled boots or heels of any kind, so I'm still on the hunt for the perfect jeans to wear with trainers, but I'll get there. Any suggestions are very much welcomed. 

Even though I'm quite excited for the wide jeans revolution, I still can't help but feel sorry for my beloved skinny's. I haven't put them all at the back of the wardrobe yet as my black skinny jeans are great to wear for work and for nights out with a fancy top. I'm sure skinny jeans will come back in fashion in another 5 to 10 years when the now children of this decade will be teenagers (now that makes me feel old!!). 

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know your thoughts on wide leg jeans.

See you soon

Chantal x


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