Sunday, 20 September 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara


Pillow Talk! Probably one of the most famous phrases of the beauty world for the last couple of years and now Charlotte Tilbury has expanded the line to include the new Pillow Talk Mascara. Because I love Charlotte's products I had to buy this product, so I bought the travel size as I didn't want to spend my money on the full size if I didn't like it that much!

Now onto the claims that she gives us. This mascara is meant to give 93% voluminous definition, 96% magnified and amplified lashes and it lengthens the lashes by 96%. These are pretty high claims and even though they sound promising, personally I feel that the mascara doesn't live up to all of them. It definitely gives your lashes definition and makes them look really long however it doesn't give you much volume or curl and I think that there are much better mascaras that are cheaper and can provide more than what this mascara gives you. Another problem with it is that it's quite a wet formula, so this means that it transfers onto the upper eye lid easily which is not great. Something that's unique about this mascara is that it has two completely different sides to it, a flat side and a normal pronged side. Apparently you are meant to use both sides to achieve the full affect. I haven't worked out how to use that technique properly and to be honest I can't really be bothered to as I think that using it the normal way with the pronged side does make your lashes look really long which I love!

 Flat side

Pronged side

What it looks like on

So do I think it's worth the money? In all honesty, no! It's a nice day time appropriate mascara that gives you so much length to the lashes however for the lack of volume and curl I personally wouldn't recommend it.

I hope you liked my review

See you soon

Chantal x


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