Sunday, 11 October 2020

Revolution X Friends Monica Eyeshadow Palette


I'm back with an eyeshadow palette from a fairly new makeup collaboration, the Revolution X Friends collection. I decided to get the Monica palette as I felt that it had the shades that would suit me the most as this one has mostly your classic neutral shades, the Rachel palette is more pink based which wouldn't suit me and the Phoebe palette has extremely light neutral shades which wouldn't show up on my skin tone. I also love the packaging for this particular palette because it has the classic purple colour of Monica's door, so it's definitely a collectable piece if like me you also like to keep some items as treasured pieces just for memories sake.

So as you can see the palette has a good selection of mattes, shimmers and one glitter shade. The shades are definitely on the warmer side which I generally prefer as it's easier to wear the palette all year round as I find that cooler shades suit the colder months more. I find it really cute that they've named the shades after words associated with that character. My favourite names here are Bing, Chicken & Frizzy as I feel that they sum up Monica perfectly.

So lets get to the exciting part, the swatches! Most of the shades swatched really well however there were unfortunately a few exceptions and they were Chicken, Twins & Frizzy. These looked rather patchy on the skin and they didn't blend as well on the eyelids too, therefore they are the only shades that I experienced the most fall out with. From trying all the shades the satin shades definitely perform better than the mattes, that being said I was very impressed with Obsessed which is the orange peach shades and Geller Cup which is the fire red shade. The glitter Twins shade wasn't as impactful as I hoped it would be, so personally I think that it would be better to use another glitter eyeshadow if you wanted that look. My favourites are the Hourglass Scattered Light Eyeshadows.

Overall I think that this is a cute collectable palette that will bring fun and joy to both fans of Friends and makeup. This is part of the Series 1 collection, which of course means that in the future they will be bringing out new products and I can't wait to see that they will do. Maybe they'll bring out a Janice eyeshadow palette cased in leopard print packaging, or maybe they could come out with a coffee inspired palette and lipsticks to celebrate Central Perk. Revolution if you want any ideas do hit me up! The Monica palette is sold out on the Revolution site however you can still buy it on the Superdrug website.

Thank you so much for reading my review, I hope you liked it and I'll catch you soon.

Chantal x 


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