Sunday, 19 April 2020

Shows That Have Helped Me Through Quarantine

Through these uncertain times, one thing's for certain, we will always have tv to comfort us during troubling times and I have been watching so many shows that have been helping me during this time. I'm going to start with what I use as my new daily alarm and that is This Morning. Yep that's right, now every weekday I set my alarm at 9.30am so that I get up in time to watch it. Well when there's no work to go to, it's a good reason to get up haha. The reason why I've always loved it so much is because it knows how to bring up serious topics like politics, economic issues etc without using language that alienates us non experts out there, so the general public but at the same time the show knows how to have some fun and both sets of presenters play a big part in that, which is why I can't choose a favourite between Holly & Phil and Eamonn & Ruth.

A show that I've really got into over the past couple of months is Friday Night Dinner and omg it's just so funny, I personally think that it's the best contemporary comedy programme out there right now. Knowing that they were returning with a new series in March, I watched the whole programme from the beginning and I'm so glad I did because now I can appreciate the new series even more! If you haven't seen it before, it's about brothers who go back home for dinner every Friday night and it shows how they revert back to their childish ways pretty quickly. Also the parent characters are hilarious Martin and Jackie and they have a weird neighbour called Jim who's afraid of his dog haha. I don't just loved it for it's script, all the actors in it are incredible and I'm really enjoying series 6 so far!

Another comedy I've been loving is one from the 90s and it's Father Ted. This for me has to be up there with one of my most loved shows ever, it's just hilarious! It's about a group of 3 priests and their housekeeper who live in a deserted part of fictional Ireland called Craggy Island and it focuses on father Ted and how he copes living with these mad bunch of people as father Dougal is just plain stupid, the housekeeper Mrs. Doyle doesn't do much apart from say 'Would you like a cup of tea father' which every time he tries to deny but she keeps asking and then you have father Jack who is a drunk who only mutters the words 'drink, feck & arse'. It's also one of the first times we see a young Graham Norton on our screens as he played father Noel in a couple of episodes and personally I think that he was brilliant and should of done more acting, but of course he's done very well for himself, so it's all good.

A show that every year I can't wait till it's back on our screens is RuPaul's Drag Race. It's the best competition reality show ever and why you ask? Well because it combines America's Next Top Model with Project Runway and drag queens, what's not to love! As I was a huge fan of those shows back in the day I started watching Drag Race when it was at Season 6 and Bianca Del Rio won the show. I loved the queens on that season, but also Season 8 is one of my faves as well. This year I love Widow Von' Du, Crystal Methyd, Jaida Essence Hall and Gigi Goode, but also Jackie is really funny, so I have no idea who will win! I also watch the All Stars version and I watched the first series of the British Drag Race and those girls were just so quick witted and I personally think funnier than the American queens, or maybe that's because I'm used to our British humour.

Another reality show I've watched for many years now is the Real Housewives of New York. I've watched many of the different Housewives shows over the years but the one that has stayed most consistent in terms of quality and be forever entertaining is the New York one, it never has a dull season. Every time I watch it it makes me want to move there as the show makes it look so glamorous and I'm a city girl anyway as I live in London, so the idea of living in New York at some point in the future isn't that far fetched. My favourite of the ladies has to be Dorinda as she speaks her mind open and honestly  about everything and I like people like that as you know where you stand with someone who's like that. Also I like it because watching the Housewives is a form of escapism as it's just nice to watch other people with fabulous lives, and maybe deep in my mind it drives me to want to have a successful life so that I can live like they do.

Friends to me is the tv equivalent to having a cup of tea as it instantly makes things feel much better and it's reliable as you know that it's always going to be good. From first ever watching the last few seasons live when it used to be on T4 (anyone remember that, it was like the teenage version of Channel 4), to then watching it in high school days when it was on E4, to now watching in on Netflix, I honestly think I've must of seen the whole thing about 10 times now, but that's because it never gets old. From watching it so many times I think I've actually changed my favourite characters as I used to love Rachel the most but now I think that Phoebe is my favourite out of the girls and Joey is still my favourite of the boys 'How You Doin?' haha.

A mini series which was recently on which I loved was Quiz, the drama about the cheating major who won a million pounds on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire illegally. It follows how before him his wife Diana and her brother went on the show however both weren't successful in winning the top prize and then it shows us the strategy they used to make sure that the major definitely got on the show and then we saw the coughing scandal played out right in front of us. Michael Sheen playing Chris Tarrant was amazing, he's definitely one of the best actors of all time as he just turns into the person or character he's playing and the rest of the cast was great too. If you missed it definitely catch up with it on ITV Player as it's only 3 episodes long, so it won't take you long to watch the whole thing.

I'd like to talk about the new streaming platform Disney + as it's a revelation in terms of the streaming world. Never in a million years could I ever imagine that I'd be able to watch my favourite films from childhood with a click of a button. Call me childish but I just had to get it while it was on offer for £49.99 for a years subscription but it also has loads of the Marvel films, National Geographic and all of Star Wars for goodness sake! It's a brilliant idea and I've already watched Hercules as that's my joint favourite Disney film along with The Lion King however I have to be emotionally in the mood to watch that as of course it's a very emotional film. I think I will watch either Iron Man of one of the Spider Man films next.

I hope you enjoyed reading about what I've loved watching. Let me know what you've been watching during quarantine.

All the best & stay safe

Chantal x

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