Saturday, 25 April 2020

Charlotte Tilbury Super Blue Eyeshadow Palette Review

When you think of spring and summer most people would think of experimenting by wearing brighter and bolder colours, well it looks like Charlotte Tilbury thought of the same thing when she brought out her new collection called Eye Colour Magic back in March. I bought two of the palettes back then, this one and also the Copper Charged palette which I will review next. However the Super Blue palette was the one that initially caught my eye as it's not the typical palette that Charlotte usually releases as we know her well for her warm toned eyeshadows, so I was very excited to buy this palette! As with the usual quads it comprises of the prime shade which here is a golden champagne shade, the enhance shade which is a gorgeous satin mid toned brown with a hint of gold to it, the smoke shade which is the beautiful dark midnight blue and then the pop shade which is this stunning jewel toned bright blue.

Here are the swatches. Honestly my photo doesn't do the pop shade much justice as it's hard to show the impact in a photo, but believe me on the eyes it's beautiful!

After using this palette several times now since I got it I absolutely love it and it may just actually be one of my favourite palettes by Charlotte Tilbury! I find that all the shades have a lot of pigment to them, meaning that you won't need to constantly dip your brush into the shadows that often for maximum impact, they last pretty much all day, I'd say 8 or 9 hours however I don't usually have to use an eye primer, so if you usually do then just put that on before you apply the shadows anyway. Also they blend like a dream too! The brand recently reformulated their eyeshadows and I can certainly see the difference, they were good before, however now they are just that extra bit smoother to apply, which seriously makes all the difference!

Here I'm wearing the enhance shade over the lids and then the smoke shade in the crease of my lids and slightly under my eyes (this photo was taken before lockdown, if you are wondering why my hair is actually tidy!).

Thanks for reading my review and if you have this palette too let me know what you think of it.

Stay safe

Chantal x

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