Monday, 8 August 2016

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Liv It Up

Charlotte Tilbury has to be one of my favourite beauty brands in the entire world. Every time a new launch comes out I get very excited and with this launch it's no exception. Back in June, around the time of the EU Referendum actually Charlotte Tilbury released her Hot Lips Collection where she created 12 lipstick shades to suit 12 of her celebrity friends, so now you can wear the same shade that was created for them too. These people Charlotte has worked with for years so she really gets their style and what shade of lipstick would suit them.

Even though since June I've picked up a few of them now, today I'm going to talk about the shade Liv It Up which is Liv Tyler's shade. Liv It Up is a beautiful mid tone bright pink colour, sort of like a Barbie pink shade however it's not that cool in tone to be like that but it could be if it wasn't smack ban in the middle between cool and warmer tones. The finish of it is the same as the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick formula so it has a moisturising and comfortable finish to it so your lips don't feel dry at all. Considering it's not a matte lipstick it lasts pretty well, I'd say 4 or maybe 5 hours if you were just drinking something and having a few snacks so that's good. It's the same price as her other lipsticks at £23 as of course her brand is high end, but at the same time it's not as pricey as say a Chanel or Dior lipstick would be, but you still get that luxurious feel and packaging to it of course.

I'll put some swatches of it below of what it looks like on

I hope you liked this post! If you have any of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks then let me know what you think of them and maybe I'll do reviews and swatches of the other ones I have in the near future.

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