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TOPSHOP A/W 15 London Fashion Week

So recently London Fashion Week has been the main topic on people's lips as everyone is wondering what the Autumn/ Winter trends for 2015 will be. There are some designers that let people at home see a live stream of their fashion show and Topshop was one of the ones that did do just that. This meant that anyone could see what the upcoming trends would be without having to step out of their front door, which is a pretty great thing for us who could not make it to fashion week. In this post I will run through what trends we saw in the Topshop A/W 15 show.



Faux Fur was definitely something that cropped up on the catwalk a few times. It's of course great for A/W as it keeps you lovely and warm, but it also looks very chic and expensive, when in fact this is of course fake fur( the way it should be in my opinion!). Wearing a fur coat can definitely add some oomph to an outfit and this beige colour seen at the Topshop show is a very easy colour to wear.

70s & Polo Neck Tops

It looks like the 70s trend is here to stay and so is the retro style polo tops. The ones seen here are long sleeved and made of a thin material. You can see in the first photo the polo top has that typical hippie, floral design to it and that burnt orange colour of the top really does scream 70s to me as does the pale blue, high waisted and wide legged trousers

Winter Florals


Florals are typically seen as spring and summer prints, however Topshop changed that. By using slightly more muted colours for the flowers in the designs, they've made it a lot easier to rock florals in the colder months as the colours used are not so in your face or neon like, which they usually are for the warmer months.

Knee High Boots

It seems like the over the knee boot has now had it's moment as the knee high boot will be the one to wear this A/W 15. I find knee high boots way more wearable than otk boots because they flatter more figures as you don't have to be tall to wear them. If you buy a black pair then you will wear them all the time as they will give you the best protection from winter weather and black boots go with everything.


Check is usually a popular trend that you see during autumn and winter. At Topshop they had a brown coloured print which is a very traditional colour as it makes me think of the type of print and colour Sherlock Holmes would wear. It's just got that classic heritage, countryside look to it. Also you can see the girls are wearing loafers which again is a very traditional vintage look. There were some flat ones like these red ones, but there were also some with a slight heel to them.

Petrol Green

I'm not sure if this is a proper trend that will happen, but in the show there were a few appearances of this really dark green colour, which I describe as petrol green (even though I'm not sure that's even correct haha). It's definitely winter's answer to green that's for sure and it's nice to see a different type of colour appear on a A/W catwalk.


The last trend I'm going to talk about is embroidery. There were some really lovely pieces with beaded details on black velvet material that made the clothes look so pretty and precious. Embroidery gives an outfit some elegance and sophistication, but because of all the incredible designs that are sewn onto the clothing it adds a bit of fun and personality to an outfit as well.

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I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. I don't do fashion posts that often, but I though it would be nice to show you the outfits at the Topshop show, especially as it's a brand that more people can actually afford, unlike with designer brands.

Thanks for reading xxx 


  1. I thought the coats and jackets were amazing! Topshop coats are always amazing.
    Maria // Fox and Arrow

  2. Nice Looks! You say its fake Fur, right? This is good because I really don't like real Faux Fur. Look at the terrible Videos on the Internet. I think in (example) Russia they can wear Fur, because it's really cold there. But mostly the Animals got treated very bad. When I see rich People, wearing Fur in Germany where it's 1+ °c I could scream in the Face of the People. :D I hate that so so much! They only wear it because they want to show how cool and rich they are.

    1. You're so right, it's wrong to wear real fur nowadays because we have the materials to make fake fur and animal cruelty is wrong on all levels. Also it's so true all those rich people think they look so cool wearing it, when we know they just look like people who wear dead animals because they are! I'm glad you share the same view on it as me and hopefully one day they will stop producing real fur clothes for good. xx

  3. Love all of them, especially the check pattern one. Looks vintage and so classy. It never really gets out of style doesn't it?

    1. Yeah the check pieces look great, that's true it does crop up again and again. x

  4. everything looks so good!

  5. LOVE all the fur. The 70s trend I'll pass on, that burnt mustardy orange is not my favourite.

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

    1. There are some great trends here. Yeah I agree that orange shade is a bit of a hit or miss type of colour haha. x


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