Wednesday, 10 September 2014

That's A Tune #11

I've been listening to a lot of Janet Jackson songs recently, but I couldn't pick just one song to tell you about, so I decided to show you a mega mix that I found of her songs. When you type in 'Janet Jackson Megamix' loads of results come up, but this is definitely the best one to listen to, it's brilliant! I love Janet's sound. Her music is a mixture of dance R&B songs and slow, more soul like love songs. Check out this megamix, you'll love it and even if you don't know many of her songs, you will get a flavour of a few of them by watching this video.

I hope you enjoyed this post :)

See you soon xxx


  1. I totally get why you love her sound, I have never heard about her before! xx Great post

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad you know more about her music now :) Yeah unfortunately she's always been slightly underated because of MJ obviously, but they both have just as good songs as each other. xx

  2. Love the red dresses. It looks fabulous! Wish I was brave enough to wear it!


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