Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A designer bag look-a-like

I am obsessed with bags. Some people are obsessed with shoes, clothes, jewellery e.t.c but with me it's definitely bags (and make up obviously). So when I realised that my old pink bag was starting to look like it was on its last legs I decided to go on the look out for a new pastel pink bag to replace it with. I went looking in quite a few high street stores but it wasn't until I got to...wait for it....Peacocks when I actually found a bag that was the perfect replacement. Now the reason why I am acting surprised still is that my last bag was from Peacocks, but because I don't usually shop there (it was literally 4 years ago I got my last bag) I was shocked to find a really lovely bag from there again! This bag only cost me £12 which is another reason why I'm so happy that I found it!

Your probably wondering why I'm so excited that I have this bag. Well the reason is that I think that it sort of looks a lot like a certain style of a Mulberry pink bag that I've seen various versions of. I don't know what the newest version is called but I will show you a picture now of one of the versions I found...

I can see some similarities between them. It's not exactly, say a dupe for the bag if you like, but it's pretty darn close, especially as the Peacocks bag is the same colour as the Mulberry bag when you see it in person, which you can't see from the photos as the pictures came out a bit dark for some reason.

I really hope that you enjoyed this fashion post about my favourite new bag. Do you have a fashion item that you are obsessed with at the moment? Also do you agree with me or see any similarities between these styles of bags? Let me know.

See you soon xxx

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