Sunday, 23 February 2014

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm- Review

I remember feeling very excited when Revlon released their original lip balm stains, so when I heard that they were going to release some new matte ones I could not wait to try them. Now these are not only different to the originals because they have a matte texture, they're also different as there is no claim that they are a balm stain. From this you're probably thinking that they don't leave any stain, well they may not leave a strong stain of colour on your lips, but I have to say they definitely leave a hint of colour on the lips and surprisingly it's not a patchy looking colour either.

The Shades

So let me show you the shades that I picked up. The first one I bought was 205 Elusive. I can already tell I am going to use this colour a lot. This is a lovely neutral pink that will be perfect for all skin tones as it's not a pure blue toned or a yellow toned pink, it's something in the middle. What's great about this type of colour is that you can wear it with any outfit as it's a great everyday colour, or it can be used if you want a toned down lip colour to go with a smoky eye for a night out.

 What Elusive looks like on the lips.

The second shade I picked up is definitely a stand out shade as it's a bright orange. Yep, orange, I know it sounds extreme but one of this spring's new beauty trends is orange lipstick, so I will without doubt be prepared for that trend. The shade is called 245 Audacious and as I have already said it will be perfect for the spring and summer months because of how bright this is. As this is not your typical everyday colour, the way I would wear this would be with simple eye make up, like using a bit of brown eye liner on the upper lash line, or even just using some mascara on it's own. This lip colour would also go well with a bronzed up complexion for a sun kissed look.

What Audacious looks like on the lips (I apologise for the weird lighting making my face look really pale haha).

My General Views

I absolutely love this product! I think it's great having a matte balm product that doesn't dry out your lips but keeps that matte finish. It lasted about four and a bit hours on my lips and it faded naturally, so like I said previously you are left with a hint of colour that doesn't look at all odd. It has a very opaque finish to it so you literally only need to swipe it once or twice on your lips to get that bold flash of colour you expect to get. Another random thing I love about this is that the colour of the packaging represents the colour of the actual product inside, which is usually very rare to see. Well done Revlon for your useful and truthful packaging ideas! The only negative about this product is that it doesn't last as long as the original colour balms do, but that's not a problem as they claim not to be 'balm stains' like the original ones are.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I will see you soon

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