Sunday, 11 December 2016

My favourite album of the year-Bruno Mars 24K Magic

You know when every once in a while a new album comes out that it just utterly brilliant that you literally can't stop listening to it, it's that good. Well this year that album of choice for me is Bruno Mars 24K Magic and there are so many reasons for this.

Even though this album is pretty much brand new it has flavours of older sounds sprinkled through the whole album, which is my kind of thing. We are talking elements of 70s/80s soul/R&B which again appeals to me hugely as I am constantly listening to that kind of music myself on pretty much a daily basis-reason 1 covered.

Another reason why this has to be the best album of the year for sure is the songs themselves-I'll quickly give you a run down of them all. First we have 24K Magic which is the title of the album, a brilliant opener for the start of the album, it's a song to get the party started with as it's perfectly upbeat enough to dance to and with it's playful lyrics you can't help but sing along with it and it's super catchy. 

Chunky is your ultimate jokey tongue-in-cheek song basically about him wanting a girl with a big bum, so like a modern day version of Baby Got Back but it's got a groovy beat to it (yes I said groovy but this is a retro inspired album so it's ok, I can say that word) and again it's an amazing song to dance to. 

Perm is another upbeat song which is about telling people to let their hair down and just enjoy themselves having a good time. 

That's What I Like is the first mid-tempo song on the album and it has a cool smooth R&B sound to it that you just want to bop to and it literally is about what he likes in a girl-very self explanatory there. 

Versace On The Floor is the first slow tempo song and it's the ultimate sultry love song ever. I actually talked about it in another post which you can read here, it's amazing! 

Straight Up & Down is another mid-tempo song which has more of a chilled vibe to it but is has a great beat to it and it's about him wanting to spend time with this girl.

Calling All My Lovelies is the most humorous song on the album apart from Chunky because even though it's a slightly slower song it talks about him being a player calling all his girls up as he can't get hold of the one particular girl he actually really wants to spend time with. It has a very soulful and smooth sound to it which I just love!

Finesse is another feel good song like 24K Magic but personally I prefer it as I just love the word and I haven't heard it in a song before plus it's such a great song to move to, this would certainly get me up on the dance floor for sure! 

To Good To Say Goodbye is the last song on the album and it's another slow-tempo song about him not wanting his relationship to end and that it's too good of a relationship to let go of. It's a great ballad and I always find myself singing along to it when it comes on.

So those are the song described, but there's one more reason I love this album and that is that it's a complete variety of songs and situations and Bruno doesn't take himself too seriously when it comes to the songs, some are goofy, dancey and fun and some are slow and romantic but what it shows is that variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to making an album.

I hope you enjoyed my post on my favourite album of the year. What has been you're favourite album of the year? I'd love to know.

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Chantal x


  1. Yes, this album is great, i just love all the songs xo

    1. Isn't it fab, it was definitely the best album of 2016 for me :) x


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