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How to declutter your digital life effectively

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As the world has become so technological, over time our digital world has become just as cluttered as our physical real life world what with all the information that we can store and look at online nowadays. It's for this reason that I had an idea for this blog post as I was thinking myself of ways that I can tidy up my digital world as I felt that I was saving waaaaaay too many documents, photos and bookmarks than I really needed to. So for this post I'm going to give you some suggestions of ways that you can organise your online life for the better (even if it only does last for a little while).

1. Unfollow any accounts on social media that you don't care about anymore

Whether it's one particular person you know or don't know well or it's a company or brand that you just don't gravitate towards anymore there's no point in letting them block up your social media timeline when you could be looking and viewing at Tweets, Instagram posts and Youtube videos from people and brands that you still actually are interested in. This is something that I have done recently and it feels so good to get both negative and un-attainable people and brands out of your timeline.

2. Go through your bookmarks and delete any old or unusable information from your list

I am constantly saving pages to my bookmarks so it's good to go through my list once a month to clear it out so all old information can be deleted and gone for good. Especially when it comes to online shopping because when it's out of stock you know that there's just no point in keeping that page when it obviously will be blank.

3. Delete anything from your documents that you are sure you won't need to have or use anymore

It may be boring however it has to be done at some point and it's something that you need to be vigilant with too otherwise nothing will be sorted out or deleted. If it's time to make more folders for things as well to save documents in, then now is a good time to do that to.

4. Unsubscribe from any e-mail newsletters that you really don't want to receive any more

This one may take some time to do as you will probably find companies to unsubscribe from gradually over time instead of it happening in one day but it's definitely a useful thing to do as you will notice that you will receive fewer e-mails over time which will be great both for your piece of mind and for your inbox storage!

5. Have a look at your phone and delete any apps that you no longer use or hardly use at all

If you don't use a particular app on a regular basis, at least once a month then it's probably time to delete it so you can save up some memory on your phone and it makes your phone look more organised as well. Of course you can make folders on your phone too which is great too.

I really hope you liked this post. Let me know any other ways that you like to declutter your digital life in the comments below as I'd love to learn more tips from you all.

Thanks for reading

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