Sunday, 4 September 2016

Reasons why Autumn is my favourite season

I'm so happy it's September. Something that I thought I would never say back when I was still at school, but now that I've been out of school for a while things have changed and so now I can really appreciate Autumn for what it really is. In my eyes Autumn is a time for a new beginning and fresh starts in different areas of life. I don't actually have any goals or any plans yet (I don't plan anything usually anyway) but I'm sure I will think of things that I want to change or perhaps I can find new things to do etc. So here are some of the reasons why I love Autumn so much:

1. It's the perfect weather for me because it's not hot but at the same time it's not that cold either just yet, maybe you'll need to put a jacket on if there's a slight chill starting to work it's way through, but it beats constantly fearing that you might sweat from being outside in the summer sun just from walking or sitting outside.

2. Fashion! Turn to the left, fashion, turn to the right ooooooooh fashion (hope you liked the Bowie reference there haha) but yes it's my favourite season for new styles and clothes in general and of course London Fashion Week starts in September along with the other fashion capitals having shows too. Personally I prefer jackets, jeans and boots to bikinis, cover ups and sandals any day, in fact boots are my favourite item of shoe and one of the favourite shops haha (if you live in the UK you'll get that bit).

3. It's the best time for a cup of tea because it is actually enough to warm you up from being outside and it just feels more cosy having a cuppa when the sun is going down in the early evening.

4. Comfort food for dinner, yuuuum!: for me that means veggie pies and and vegetarian cottage pie consisting of lentils in a veggie gravy and the mash as usual. There are others but these are the two that spring to mind.

5. Finally, you can literally get away with wearing more makeup as you won't be sweating it off if it gets too hot outside because the hot weather has gone, yay! Pack on the powder, eyeshadow, bold lips, mascara that makes you're lashes mega long and beautiful blusher and highlighter and contour if you wish, the list goes on. Oh it's lovely when you can't feel your makeup literally slipping off your face.

I hope you liked this post on why Autumn is my favourite season. What's your favourite season, is it Autumn too or another? Let me know in the comments I'd love to know which one it is and why.

( all photos are my own apart from the hedgehog one as I don't have any in my garden and unfortunately I don't have one as a pet. Can you even pet a hedgehog? Who knows?!?

Thanks for reading

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  1. I completely agree with you! Much as I love summer and warmth, autumn is a great season for cosy evenings with a book by the fire, it's the lead up to all the end of year festivities and best of all: pumpkins! Anything pumpkin flavoured or scented is good in my book :-)

    1. Yeah true, it is the start of the whole festive season for sure :) x

  2. I love autumn, and I'm so excited for it! I agree with all of your reasons. I love wearing sweaters again, not having to feel hot and humid all the time, and eating comfort foods!
    Lovely post! Great photos, too! (I have no hedgehog knowledge to share, unfortunately hahaha)
    Julia || Julia in Bluhm | bloglovin' | pinterest

    1. Thanks I'm happy you liked it and don't worry I don't think many people have experience with keeping hedgehogs as pets haha x

  3. I am so bloomin' excited for this time of the year! I am 100% an autumn/winter kind of girl and I can't wait for the dark nights, cosy jumpers and endless cups of tea! xxx


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