Sunday, 30 March 2014

Bronzing and Contouring

In this post I will be talking about the difference between bronzing and contouring and I will be showing you which products I use for each method. First of all I will start with the easier and most understood product which is bronzer. Bronzer is typically used to add a bit of colour to your face to give it a lovely glow. It's usually applied to the cheeks, temples, the forehead, the neck and even on the nose. The best bronzers tend to be those that have a golden sheen to them, but unfortunately this can sometimes be hard to find and I know too well as I have picked up some bronzers that have appeared orange on me before. Trust me you don't want this look at all haha. So the product that I use to avoid this common problem is the NARS Laguna Bronzer. This is the best bronzer ever in my opinion and I was SO happy when I received this as a gift a while back. It is the perfect golden, brown shade for bronzing and because it's matte it's easy to apply with a suitable brush of your choice and it has a little bit of gold shimmer, not much, but it helps to brighten your face. Obviously NARS is very expensive, so instead you could get a drug store bronzer. From research I've found that Bourjois do the best drug store bronzers so maybe when this one runs out in the future I might try a Bourjois bronzer.  

 NARS Laguna Bronzer

Next we have contouring. Contouring is completely different to bronzing as contouring is used to add definition to the face to make it look like your face has a natural shadow to it. It's usually applied under the cheek bones, through the temples and also along the jaw line. I use contour virtually all of the time as I have quite a flat looking face, so it helps my face make up stand out a bit more. Contouring can take a bit of practising before you get it to look right. Some important things to point out are:
1. To make sure that you know your face shape, as it changes the way you would need to contour your face.
2. Make sure you blend, blend, blend! This is so important, especially if you are contouring under the cheek bones as you don't want to be left with a visible line of brown make up.

When it comes to contouring I use the Sleek Face Form Palette in the shade light. Now I would say a better product to use is the Sleek Contour Kit but at the time when I was looking for that, I couldn't find it anywhere so I got this palette instead. I use the shade on the far left of the palette which is a matte, brown colour with completely no shimmer. This is vital as you don't want to highlight the hollows of your cheeks as you want to make them appear as if they've been pushed backwards. What I love is that this colour suits most skin tones, especially if you have a warm under tone to your skin. Also it's extremely affordable at £9.99 for a contour, highlight and a blush shade.

Sleek Face Form Palette in Light

I hope you enjoyed my kind of, sort of educational post on bronzing and contouring and I shall see you soon xx


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