Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Review of Mac Lady Bug lipstick & Mac Wedge eyeshadow

Hi everyone :) So recently I decided to pop to town to buy a new red Mac lipstick and while I was there I accidentally bought an eye shadow too. The lipstick that I wanted to get was Mac Lady Bug. I have been looking for the perfect (or almost perfect) red lipstick as I've never had a red lipstick before. This lipstick has yellow/orange under tones to it so it really suites people who have yellow under tones in their skin as it compliments their skin tone. But this lipstick will also suite people with pink under tones as the colour will really make the lips stand out. The colour is pigmented enough to stand out but because it has a lustre finish it's still a more sheer looking red lipstick than other matte lipsticks which is great because I didn't want something that looked too full on just yet. This lipstick last a really long time and it's extremely moisturising which is great if you have dry lips like me. 

Mac Lady Bug lipstick £14

A swatch of the Mac Lady Bug lipstick 

The eye shadow that I picked up is called Wedge. It has a matte finish with warm brown under tones to it so it is the perfect everyday colour that you can quickly put on if you are in a bit of a rush as it adds some gentle colour to the eyes. It's also a useful colour to use if you want to define the eye socket area. I don't usually do this as I have hooded eyes so you can barely see my socket line at all! Mac eye shadows blend really well so that the colour looks like it was very softly blended across the eye area, making blending effortless and quick. 

Mac Wedge eye shadow £12


Disclaimer: I was not paid or sponsored to review these products. Both of these products were bought with my own money and all views are my own.

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