Sunday, 21 January 2018

3 Brushes That Have Changed My Makeup Routine For Good

So for after months of not blogging I finally have a new post to share with you! I recently bought some new makeup brushes with my Superdrug points (which btw took an age to build up!) as I realised that I had virtually no face brushes apart from a powder brush that I use everyday and for a while now I've wanted to try applying my base products with brushes to see how they compare to applying without them. I decided to buy one concealer brush, one foundation brush and a small setting brush to set my under eye concealer all from Real Techniques.

The Expert Concealer Brush  is the perfect brush for applying your under eye concealer with, especially if you have big dark under eye circles like me as the brush fits into your socket so you can cover all of the area that needs covering. The way I apply it is to swipe the concealer from the applicator first, then get my brush to pat in the concealer into the skin-don't swipe otherwise you'll just sheer out everything which stops you from covering the dark circle! Once I've done one under eye I then powder that under eye straight away to avoid any creasing and then I move onto the other eye. I'm so impressed with this brush and have since bought another one as I wanted a backup. I highly recommed you get it, it's brilliant.

The Setting Brush is another one I cannot recommend highly enough as it picks up the right amount of powder that you need to set under the eye, but without making the area look cakey so it's a must- have for anyone who needs to set powder to prevent creasing. It's also useful to powder your nose with (if you pardon the expression) as that area can easily look over powdered too, so this brush is perfect for that.

The Brush Crush 301 Complexion Brush is one of the newest releases from Real Techniques and comes in this stunning unicorn style purple and gold design, it's very pretty! But aside from looking pretty it does a good job at applying foundation or concealer too (if you just use concealer and not foundation for your base). You can either use a patting, stippling or a sweeping motion depending on the coverage you want. I like a medium coverage so I use a mixture of patting and swiping the foundation into my skin and that seems to work for me. I wouldn't say this is a totally essential brush to have, however it does make the foundation application much quicker than if you were to just use your fingers to blend everything in. 

I'm glad I bought these brushes as they have made a great difference to my makeup routine by making it both quicker and easier than it was before to apply my base. If you are looking for some great base brushes then you should definitely take a look at these when you are next in store.

Thank you so much for reading my post.

See you soon

Chantal x


  1. I love Real Techniques brushes - they do a really good foundation brush too! x

    1. They are brilliant aren't they. Remember when you had to buy really expensive brushes from Mac for example, so you ended up spending a fortune on brushes. Real Techniques were the first brand to bring out affordable brushes (at least I think anyway) and so changed the makeup brush game for good, which we are all very happy about x

  2. i adore real techniques brushes. the expert face brush is my fave. i also love zoeva and their fan brush changed my highlighter life for good.

    1. Love the Zoeva fan brush! I should get myself another one as a back up x


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