Friday, 20 October 2017

Random Ramblings- The Struggle of finding the perfect dress when you are petite in both frame & height

I don't have any major hang ups when it comes to the way my body looks however one thing I realise is that the older I get the harder shopping for my shape is because as you get older you tend to need to dress in a more formal manner, whether it's for work or events it's something that's inevitable, so when you have a body like a curveless teenager but you are in your 20s then it gets difficult.

The problem with me is that I'm around the 5ft 2 mark in height, maybe just under on a bad day, I'm pretty much flat chested as my boobs are tiny however my bum is not actually flat- in fact it's the only part of my body with curves, it's my one curve haha! With that in mind when it comes to both day dresses and evening dresses I tend to like a straight, a-line or a bodycon dress as that's what flatters my figure. However even though that's sorted we then get onto the issue of length.

You'd think as there are now petite ranges in several high street stores that I would find a dress that would fit me perfectly but oh no, that's not the case! I have tried on dresses before in many petite ranges but I have only had little success with it as being 5ft2 means that even with petite dresses they can sometimes be just a tad long, usually hitting my knee but not lying above the knee which is the perfect lengh for me.

When it comes to which type of shopping is best for finding dresses I think it depends on what the dress is for. For day dresses as you don't have a certain time frame you need to buy it for then I think that both online shopping and physical shopping are good but if you are looking for an evening dress and especially if it's for a special occasion I do recommend going into all the shops you can and trying on everything (though I did that when I went to Westfield and was there for 4 hours and found nothing haha). Due to that disaster I'm going to have to look in another area of London where there are a tonne of shops like Oxford Street or Knightsbridge- surely there'll be something for someone like me in one of those places but I'll have to update you and let you know what happens.

That's it for my random ramblings today, see you in my next post!

Chantal x



  1. Same, it's actually such a struggle! I'm 5ft3 and have a petite frame too.
    Aleeha xXx

    1. It really is isn't it. I'm glad there is someone else out there who knows how I feel! xx


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