Sunday, 7 June 2015

Topshop Rio Rio lipstick

It took me such a long time to try Topshop makeup for some reason but I'm so happy I eventually did because so far I'm impressed with what I've tried. I have two of their lipsticks so far, but today I'm going to concentrate on the one I've had for quite a few months now which is the Rio Rio lipstick. I had been looking for an affordable matte red lipstick for ages and luckily I found this one. It's a warm toned/an orange toned red lipstick that applies really easily even though it does have that matte formula which sometimes makes things harder to apply, but this is great to apply and the pigmentation is really vivid and strong giving you the colour you would expect from looking at the lipstick. On me the colour lasts pretty well, around 5 hours or so of moderately great colour then after that it would need topping up just to keep that bright red colour alive and kicking. Overall I'm really impressed with the quality of Topshop lipsticks, especially as they are really a fashion brand and not a beauty brand so they've done really well. I know that not too long ago it was their 5th birthday of their makeup range and you could buy a few of their most popular products with limited addition packaging and the Rio Rio lipstick was one of them, so if you can get your hands on that version of it I suggest you do before they all sell out. Otherwise the one with the normal packaging is of course just as good, I mean they are literally the same product just slightly different on the outside, that's all really. 

What it looks like on the lips 

Topshop lipsticks retail for £8 and you can buy them either in store or online.

I hope you liked this review. 

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  1. This is one of my absolutely favourite red lipsticks and you did a wonderful job of reviewing it!


    1. Awww thank you, what a lovely thing to say. :) I'm happy you liked the review x

  2. It's such a beautiful colour! x

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  4. Nice color :) New on my French blog: I straighten my hair and I eat Fraises Tagada

  5. I've been meaning to try some of the Topshop makeup for a while. This lipstick looks great and really vibrant. It's good how it stays on for quite a while. I had my eye on a couple of the pink shades recently, so may have to finally give them a go.


    1. Yeah they are really vibrant which is great! I actually have a gorgeous pink shade from them too called Brighton Rock which is great hot pink shade. I may feature that lipstick on my blog too. x


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