Saturday, 23 November 2013

Magazine beauty freebie

Hi all. Earlier this week when I was waiting for the bus, I decided to look at the fashion magazine section and before my very eyes I saw that there were loads of magazines giving out wonderful freebies. One was giving out a free eye liner, another was giving out a Benefit lip gloss (which I might just have to get haha) and Glamour magazine came with a free Kate Spade Nails Inc nail polish so I decided to buy that. There was a choice of four colours: black, a dark gold, red and silver but I went for the dark gold colour. In the bottle this does not look like an exciting colour to wear but once tried on the nails it gives you this really pretty antique gold colour which I love. Buying this is such a bargin as Nails Inc nail polishes usually would cost you around the £11 mark so it's worth getting this months issue of Glamour if you want a new, high quality nail polish.

Hope you liked this post, see you soon x


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