Monday, 12 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips- Review

Hiya! Hope you are all well. So the Maybelline Baby Lips have recently been released on to the UK's high streets. I wanted to try them as soon as I possibly could so I bought two of the tinted ones called Peach Kiss and Pink Punch.  Peach Kiss is a lovely nude peach colour which is very moisturising on the lips whilst Pink Punch is an extremely vibrant bubblegum pink. Obviously as they are lip balms they don't last as long as other lip products, so after you've had a bite to eat or something to drink you will need to reapply the lip balm again. I do love both of the colours, but, however I do think that getting the Pink Punch was a bit of a mistake as it doesn't actually suit my skin tone because I didn't know it would be this bright bubblegum pink colour but I'm still glad that I tried it. On the positive side Peach Kiss is a colour that I will continue to wear a lot because of how versatile the colour is and the fact that it's a really great lip balm. I would highly recommend these to everyone because they are great lip balms and they are one of the most affordable products at £2.99 each. If you have them tell me what you think of them, do you think that they are wroth the hype or not? x 

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