Sunday, 19 July 2020

Urban Decay Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette

There haven't been many new beauty launches that have excited me that much recently apart from the release of the new Urban Decay Ultraviolet eyeshadow palette. The reason why I got so excited about it is ALL THE COLOUR!! I haven't seen this much colour from a brand for ages, especially beautiful purple shades. I feel this is a little bit of brightness that we need right now. Even if you don't wear a lot of colourful eye makeup, it's just fun to play with bright shades from time to time. This palette is the fourth palette from Urban Decay's Naked line that's based on a particular colour. In the past they've released the Naked Heat Palette which was built on rust, warm and orange toned shades, the Naked Cherry Palette which as the name suggests is based on cherry, burgundy and red shades and finally the Naked Honey Palette which is is based on yellow, gold and brown tones. I have the Naked Heat as well as the Ultraviolet palette however the Ultraviolet palette excites me more than the Naked Heat Palette.

What I love most about this palette is that amongst the beautiful bright shades, on the left hand side you have a range of neutral shades which are Trippin', Mind Slip, Dazed, Hacked and V.R which is a warm toned shimmery glitter shade. These shades mean that you have more options with how bold you want to be with your eye makeup as you can go really subtle with it, or go as crazy as you want and I love it!

Left hand side of the palette swatched

Right hand side of the palette swatched

From swatching these shades I can tell you that the more neutral shades definitely are easier to use as they are more pigmented than the brighter shades, which in one way is a shame because it means that the bright shades don't pack as much of a punch as the lighter shades but the good thing is that you won't ever go overboard by packing on too much colour straight away. For example the purple shades took about three attempts of swatching to get the colours to really show up on my arm.

Here I'm wearing the shades Optimized, Warning and Cyber Punk on my top lid and on my lower lid I'm wearing Optimized and Cyber Punk just to make sure the whole eye looks seamless together. The reason why I'm looking up and not into the camera is because I want you to be able to see the whole eye area. I tried to only take a photo of my eyes, but it's actually really hard to do haha! On the whole I'm in love with how versatile this palette is, despite the fact that it may look like just a super bright product at first, once you try many different shades together, you realise it's more than that.

I'd love to know what you think if you have this palette yourself and are you interested in buying it?

Chantal x



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