Saturday, 12 May 2018

Soph x Revolution Eyeshadow palette- The Best Eyeshadow Palette At The Drugstore

I know, it's a bold statement to make however I truly believe that this is the best eyeshadow palette at the drugstore! This palette was actually the first time I'd tried any makeup by Revolution and after using this palette I am already very impressed by the brand. This edition is a collaboration with now one of my favourite Youtuber's ever and that is Soph from the channel sophdoesnails (she used to specialise in nail tutorials but now focuses on makeup tutorials). I've only been subscribed to Soph's channel for about 2 months now but she's very quickly become my favourite Youtuber at the moment as she puts out both original and entertaining beauty content, whether that's makeup tutorials, reviews, makeup challenges her videos are just brilliant. I also feel that I can relate to her the most out of all of the channels I watch as she's of similar age to me and she buys and tests out the same type of beauty products to me, which is mainly drugstore but with a sprinkle of high end products now and then. As you will find out from the review I personally think that she's done an incredible job at producing her own eyeshadow palette and you can tell even just from the shades she's chosen to the eyeshadow textures that she surely knows what she's talking about when it comes to makeup.

The palette consists of 24 shades of both warm and cool tones that range from your everyday neutrals to your brights and even your shimmer shades. On the whole they are extremely pigmented, the only snag is that when you apply the shimmers with a brush they don't pack as much of a punch as they would if you use your finger to apply them with, but isn't that the same with most shimmery and sparkly eyeshadows? I think so! There are 10 shimmer shades and the rest are either completely matte or have slightly more of a satin matte finish to them. I think that this palette has a great balance of mattes and shimmers so that you can create a variety of looks. Another great thing about this palette is that the shadows last all day and don't crease on my eye lids, which is great news. I also feel that this palette will suit any skin tone as there are colours to suit anyone's complexion and eye colour, so well done Soph on doing that. I'll leave the swatches of the shadows below. The day I swatched these the natural daylight wasn't the best so just bear that in mind!

I hope you can tell from the swatches that these shadows are so pigmented that there is no dud colour in this palette. I highly recommend this palette, oh also did I forget to mention that it's only £10. Yes you read that right, this palette only costs £10. £10!!! It's available to buy on the Superdrug website and the Tam Beauty website who produce Revolution products. Honestly please do go and purchase this palette, you won't regret it and as it's so affordable you'd be a fool not to.

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  1. Love some of the shades in this palette, especially the shimmery ones. Great post!

    1. Thank you so much, so glad you liked reading my post! x

  2. I really want this palette! Shes also launched a new one, i need both!


    1. I just received the second one today and it looks amazing! I can't wait to start using it :) x


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