Sunday, 29 January 2017

OOTD- My Smart But Casual Put Together Everyday Look

Outfit details: Khaki vest top- Primark, Coat- New Look, Scarf- charity shop, Touch Screen  Gloves- M&S, Black High Waisted Jeans- Topshop, Heeled Boots- New Look (similar here) Bag- Michael Kors  

So here's a different post for you today and it's a fashion post in fact- an outfit of the day (or OOTD for short of course). This is my go-to kind of everyday look if I want to look put together so I can go anywhere throughout the day and just fit into whatever situation and environment I'm in. On this day we went for a look round Harrods and this photo was taken in front of where the lifts were on the Women's Wear floor, we went here because it was the only place that had the best lighting and also it was out of view from all the staff and other customers haha. After that we looked around the Chanel section which was a dream and the staff made you feel quite welcomed actually. One of the staff asked if we wanted to look at some of the jewellery out of the glass casing which was nice of her to say even though clearly we were just looking, but it's the thought and service that counts. Maybe we actually looked quite classy and sophisticated that day, so we looked liked we had that kind of money to spend- only joking! but it felt great haha.

What do you think of my outfit, be honest and also what's your go-to put together/smart but casual look? Is it similar to this or different, I'd love to know.

Thanks for reading my post

Chantal x


  1. lovely look Chantal, my go to look would look quite similar actually, the coat is fab and I love the colour <3

    1. Ah thank you, glad you like it and yeah the coat is one of my favourites out of all the ones I have x


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