Sunday, 1 May 2016

My favourite fashion and beauty stores and what I buy from them

I'm a big fan of online shopping and recently I've been doing a lot of it, so I'd thought I would share with you what my favourite fashion and beauty stores are and what particular pieces I tend to buy from each shop.

Ok first I'll start off with a long time favourite of mine which is New Look. I've been shopping at New Look since I was about 12 or 13 and I still think they always bring out amazing trend pieces and classic must-haves that everyone needs in their wardrobe. To be honest I buy almost anything from New Look however if I had to pick favourite things to buy it would be their shoes and outerwear as you can buy incredibly stylish shoes, boots, jackets and coats for really affordable prices, but like I've mentioned I love the whole shop and if I could I would probs buy every single thing in there haha.

Next up is Asos. My favourite things to buy from Asos has to be dresses and jeans and I tend to get them from the Petite section as I know that they will fit me well (I'm about 5ft 2inches tall, or at least that's how tall I was when I last measured myself). Recently I bought a few pairs of their own brand straight cut jeans and I've worn them so much. They are like a cross between bootcut and skinny jeans so they gently glide over any boots you wear but without completely covering them up like what would happen when people used to wear bootcut jeans. I have them in a light wash denim, a black denim and a dark denim colour and I love them!

Now for makeup! 90% of my makeup is bought in Boots stores, unless there's a brand I can't get there however most of the time you will be able to find your favourite beauty brands in Boots.There are so many reasons why I love it. Firstly they sell both drugstore and high end beauty, perfume plus health products, you get points with anything you buy (4 points for every £1 which is amazing) so it's the best points system I've come across and also they do click and collect if you can only buy a certain brand online, so that's amazing too.Also if you shop there regularly they sometimes send you vouchers through the post which can be really useful, like say if you spend £20 you'll get 200 points etc, so that's really great too.

My next choice seems like it would be a bit of a pricey shop for me to spend money in however if you want to say invest in a designer handbag or if there's a sale on and everything's reduced then House of Fraser is a fab shop to buy from. Like I mentioned I would usually buy higher end pieces like designer handbags or high end makeup and perfume from them, but they also sell highstreet brands like Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins on there so sometimes I will order some shoes and clothes from there. Like Boots they also do a great points system called Recognition points where you earn points every time you shop and eventually you'll get up to a point where you'll be able to get money off your purchase or you may be able to get a product for free with your points. Like all these shops they have a Clik & Collect service, but theirs is my fave as you can collect your order the next day which is absolutely brilliant.

Another longtime favourite of mine is Topshop of course. I would say Topshop is more of a trend based store so I do tend to buy all my trendy pieces from there however they also do fab vest tops that seem to last for a really long time and of course they are famous for their jeans which I love too. My favourite jeans are the Leighs however I have one pair of Orson jeans, a ripped blue Jamie pair and a coated Joni pair, so yes I am a big fan of Topshop jeans and I think that they are well worth the money.

Forever 21 is a new favourite of mine. To me it's like a more affordable Topshop, both shops have a similar style and vibe to them however I like Forever 21 for their bags and coats & jackets. Specifically their bags as they do amazing inspired/dupes of designer handbags that most of the time look just like the real thing, they are amazing for that!

So I hope you liked this post. It's a bit of a different post for me but recently I haven't been in the mood to photograph things for product reviews for some reason so I thought this post might be all right instead. Let me know what your favourite stores are in the comments below and what you like to buy from them.

See you soon

Chantal x



  1. I love ASOS for clothes shopping! Lovely post xo
    Morgan |

  2. I love all of these too! I think your blog is lovely too, let me know if you would like to follow each other! x

    1. Thank you so much that means a lot that you like my blog. Sure I'll give your blog a read x

  3. Pretty much every piece of clothing I own is from New Look! It's just such high quality clothing but so much cheaper than other stores! xxx

    1. Yeah exactly, they are brilliant at that! xx

  4. Totally agree with all of your picks! I buy pretty much everything from ASOS - it's just so convenient!
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  5. I love all these especially Forever 21, i love their clothes and they are great value for money :)



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