Monday, 11 August 2014

Sunkissed Summer TAG

I was tagged by Mary from Crazy in Life to do the Sunkissed Summer TAG even though right now it doesn't feel like summer as it's chucking it down with rain outside. So let's begin!

1. What is your go to product for a sunkissed glow (bronzer, self tanner etc.) - Mine would have to be my Nars Laguna Bronzer as it gives you the perfect bronze goddess look (or close to it hahaha). It's not orange and it's not a muddy brown shade, it just warms up your skin perfectly and it adds a hint of shimmer to your skin. Not too much though as once it's on your face you don't notice it really.

2. What book would you recommend for a summer read? - I don't really have any books to recommend for summer tbh. I will tell you what I've been reading recently. Well I've just started it- Agatha Christie's Poirot Murder In The Mews. I Love murder mysteries especially Agatha Christies's Poirot and Marple and I've read a few of her books and I've seen loads of them on the telly. Murder In The Mews is a shorter Poirot novel, so it's really easy to read which means you get to know the characters quite quickly.

3. What's your signature summer scent this year? - I don't have a signature summer scent, but I do have a signature scent which is Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle. Yes it's expensive but I got it for my birthday and it's probably one of the only really expensive products that I would actually save up to get again. It's just gorgeous! I have the Eau de toilette version because the bottle is more practically easy to use (also it's slightly cheaper than the Eau de parfume version, just a little tip for you there). It lasts a really long time on me and it's totally worth the money you pay for it.

4. The sun is shining and it's time to get outside? What's your favourite thing to do? - Either sunbathe or just sit outside and listen to some music on my ipod or read. I just love to relax!

5. You're on the broadwalk and your stomach is grumbling. What's your go to summer beach food? Definitely chips. Just loads of chips will fill me up in no time haha.

6. Sunscreen is always important, but it's a MUST in summer! What's your favourite? (Face, body or both?) - I'll use anything that will work really, but recently I've been using Boots Soltan sunscreen and their after sun for if I've been burnt.

7. After a day in the summer sun and heat, what do you do to cool off? - Drink cool drinks and eat ice lollies cos I love them.

8. How do you wear your hair in the summer? - The same as I wear it any other time of the year. Down and straight, or down but wavvy or I put it in a high ponytail. I'm terrible with hair so that's all I can do.

9. Must have nail polish for summer 2014? - I don't really have one but one shade that does look really nice for summer is the Maybelline Color Show in 77 Nebline. It's a lovely pastel pink colour and it's one of my fave nail polishes ever as it lasts for a long time as well. I did a review of it here: Pretty, pink pastel nails.

10. Sometimes it just feels good to chill out and watch Netflix. What shows/movies do you recommend for summer? - Modern Family definitely, even though on the UK Netflix they only have seasons 1 and 2 but I love it. It's so funny, the characters are really relatable and I love Sofia Vergara. She's so funny in it and I love her Columbian accent. Also if I chose to look like any celebrity it would be her, she's beautiful!

11. Do you wear liquid foundation, BB Cream or tinted moisturizer in the summer? - If I have to wear some coverage then I will wear my usual Bourjois Happy Light Foundation, which I did a review of a little while ago.

12. It's super bright outside! Do you reach for sunglasses or a hat? - Sunglasses always.

13. What is your summer jam this year? - Waves by Mr.Probz and Ed Sheeran's new album.

14. Do you have a summer bucket list? If so share some things on the list. - I don't have one sorry haha.

15. Bikini, tankini or a one piece? - It depends how hot it is and how confident I'm feeling. If it's really hot or if I feel generally confident about where I am then a bikini, if I'm not feeling confident then I would rather wear a tankini.

16. Summer means heat...and sweat! What's your favourite sweat proof product of the year?- My Sure Deodrant. I know it's boring but it works so...

17. Summer wouldn't be complete without a scoop (or two) of ice cream! If you could create your own ice cream flavour, what would it be? - I can't think of a new, made up one at the top of my head. But apparently somewhere you can get Ferrero Rocher ice cream, which sounds pretty tasty to me.

Thanks to Mary for tagging me! I tag all of you who read this and who wants to do it!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What have you been loving about summer?

See you soon xxx



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  1. Thanks for sharing, it's interesting to see what other people like this summer :)
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