Tuesday, 10 June 2014

New music blog series- 'That's A Tune'

I've wanted to start a music blog series for a long time now. So I have decided to post about my favourite songs that I have been loving on a weekly basis. Now I have a very varied and eclectic music taste. I like music from many genres including R&B, Pop, Dance, Rock, Electronic, the list goes on and I love new and old music stretching from the 1960s to now.As you can see music is a huge passion of mine. So let's get on with the post!

This week I have been listening to lots of 90s and early 00s Pop and R&B as I've been feeling very nostalgic this week for some reason. One of the first songs that I can remember loving is 'Don't Think I'm Not' by Kandi. This is such an upbeat song that makes you feel good and it's quite a good motivational song too. Also Kandi has such a lovely voice which you can hear really well when the tempo of the song slows down during the verse sections.

Listening to old Britney and Christina definitely makes me miss the late 90s/early 00s bubblegum Pop era with simple but catchy lyrics and hooks that you could not stop singing. My favourites of early Christina Aguilera is 'What A Girl Wants' and 'Come On Over' as they are great songs to sing along to and my favourite old Britney songs have to be 'Born To Make You Happy' and 'Sometimes' as they are such sweet songs.

My new favourite artist at the moment is Sam Smith. I absolutely LOVE his voice and he has such a great range as you can hear from the song 'Money On My Mind' which always gets in my head for all the right reasons. I also adore his new song 'Stay With Me'. It's really a very beautiful song. Beautifully composed, written and of course sung. I will have to get Sam Smith's album as soon as I can, I just think the other songs on his album will also be so amazing as well.

I really hope you enjoyed this new music post. What music have you been loving recently? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

See you soon xxx  


  1. I love when iTunes throws up some old bubblegum pop! It just takes me back to high school and university straight away. So much fun. I will never be able to stop myself from bopping along with some N'Sync pops up!

    Sorcha x Bright Field Notes

    1. I agree N'Sync were fab! It would be amazing if they did a reunion if JT has a break from making music. Thank you for reading and commenting :) xx


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