Wednesday, 12 February 2014

My Perfume Collection

Hey guys! So recently I was trying to think of a blog post I could do, seeing as I had nothing new to review. For this reason I decided to write about my very small perfume collection. Now I have to be honest I'm not the biggest wearer of perfume (sometimes I can go a few weeks forgetting to use any) but I do feel that it's useful to have at least one perfume that you can go back to that will make you feel girly or elegant. In my little collection I have two newer perfumes and then the other two I've had for a while because they have lasted me ages.

My first perfume that I've been holding on to for ages is the YSL ELLE summer fragrance. I had the original ELLE before this and because I loved it so much I had to get the limited summer edition one the year after I used the original one up. This is a really lovely fresh and flowery scent that lasts all day long. The reason I haven't used it up quickly though is that as it's quite expensive being a designer brand's perfume I wanted it to last for as long as possible, however recently I have been using it on a regular basis.

Along with the YSL perfume I have also been wearing my newest perfume on a regular basis, perhaps even too much but you will understand once I tell you what it is. The newest perfume I have is the one, the only, amazing, beautiful CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau de toilette. Now the reason I got this in the eau de toilette version is not because it's cheaper than the parfame version but because it's already quite a strong scent so if I got the parfame version it may have been too strong a scent for my liking. I received this luxurious beauty as a birthday present a few weeks ago and I have not stopped using it ever since. It's a sweet, but yet sophisticated cocoa smell which really does smell expensive, which makes you feel expensive whilst wearing it hahaha. It's my favourite perfume ever, hands down!!

Probably the least used perfume out of all these is another oldie, the TOMMY HILFIGER TOMMY GIRL perfume. To be honest the reason why I don't use this one is that it's very overpowering. You literally only need one or two sprays of this to get the whole room to smell like it and I mean it. As explained this is a strong scent that has a woody, musky smell to it. I wouldn't usually go for a perfume like this as this was a gift a while back but considering it's not my type of fragrance I've used it well even though it doesn't look like I have as you don't need to use much at a time.

The last perfume is my other recent one that I got back in November, or possibly October. It's the perfume with possibly one of the coolest bottles around, the NICKI MINAJ PINK FRIDAY perfume.Yes the bottle is basically a lookalike of her which I think is a great idea as it's a very original idea. This is a very sweet fragrance that smells extremely summery. Kind of like if you had apples,lemons and sugar and you threw them in a blender it would smell like this. Very fresh, zingy and it packs a punch. The only criticism I have about this particular perfume is that even though it last all day, by the end of the day the smell starts to turn a bit soapy; so it ends up smelling more like it's a shower gel/soap the longer you where it for. Weird but I can live with that as long as it still has the same fruity smell it intended to have haha.

I really hope you liked reading about my perfume collection and I will see you in another blog post soon :) xx

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