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Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Powder Foundation


It's been ages since we've had an interesting foundation launch and trust Fenty Beauty to be the one who releases it. Historically powder foundations haven't had the best reviews and rightly so, because in the past they've always made your skin look drier than normal, even on oily skin. This is where the Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Powder Foundation comes in. It claims to give you a 'Medium To Full Coverage For All. Light As Air, Flawless Filter Effect'. After testing it for two weeks, I'm ready to give you my opinion on it, so let's find out how it's done!

An important note about this foundation is that it has 50 shades, 50!! This makes me so happy because nowadays with all the technology and chemical advances we have, I think that everyone should be able to find their right shade, no matter what. This is especially different for powder foundations because normally when I see powder foundations in stores I find that they only have say 10 shades at the most, so to have 50 is just incredible. I chose shade 150 after doing the shade match on the Fenty Beauty website, however once I got the shade I realised that it was too dark for me, so a couple of days later I bought shade 140. In this review I'm actually wearing 150 because I want to keep this review authentic and it was the first shade I actually tried, but from now on it will be my summer shade.

So let's talk about the packaging first. I love it because it's very compact, sleek, it looks very modern and yet it contains two mirrors (one that is stuck to the lid when you open it and a magnified one underneath the foundation) and a sponge which is great while topping up on the go (even though we aren't on the go much at the moment, hopefully we will be soon). It has the shade number printed very clearly on the back which is great for trying to find it in your makeup storage.

I decided to apply this foundation in two ways: one with the sponge provided and one with a Real Techniques buffing brush. I found that they both gave the same coverage however it took me a lot longer to put the foundation on with the sponge than the brush, so I feel that the buffing brush is best for putting on the whole layer of foundation and the sponge is useful for touch ups.

Coverage wise it's a solid medium as it covers most of your redness, pigmentation and scars from spots or even tiny spots, but if you have any major spots or dark circles (like me) then it's best to put concealer on in those areas first and then put the powder on. I found the powder set my under eye concealer really well, but I'm still not sure if I'd use it as a proper setting powder because it's more pigmented than your normal setting powder, it does work well though!

Outer packaging showing the shade number 

The sponge that's included

Me wearing the powder foundation

As you can see from the photo above the foundation really does blur your pores out, which looks great! It definitely stays true to its soft matte name as it gives you a natural matte finish, not a flat one like most powder foundations do. The photo does make shade 150 look lighter than it is, I think I just took this photo on a very sunny winter morning! I have to happily say that the lasting power of this product is fantastic! I had it on my face for about 10 hours and even after 8 hours it only look a tiny bit shiny on my chin and the corners just away from my nose, apart from that it was all in tact. I'm over the moon that I purchased this foundation. Yes it's on the pricier side at £27, but for the coverage, lasting power and very importantly the shade range I think it's totally worth it. The only thing I'm worried about is how long the actually powder compact will last when I start wearing makeup everyday again as because of the pandemic I now only wear makeup at the weekends because I don't wear makeup to work any more because you have to wear a mask on the Tube, so therefore I can't do my makeup on the go like I used to. Hopefully we'll all be able to wear our favourite makeup products again soon without having to wear masks any more!! You can get the Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Powder Foundation at Harvey Nicks and Boots, which I prefer as you get points. I'll link the product here

I really hope you enjoyed my review of the Fenty Pro Filt'r Soft Matte Powder Foundation. If you've already tried it, what do you think of it?

See you soon

Chantal x


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