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How Looking Young For Your Age Can Be Both A Blessing And A Curse

Happy Easter everyone if you celebrate it. So this post is about a topic that I've never talked about before, but one that's very close to my heart and that is Looking Young For Your Age. Now some people may start to read this and think 'Why on earth is she complaining about looking younger than she actually is, that's amazing, I'd love to look that young!' However if you knew the daily annoyances that I have to deal with because of my I guess you'd call it my 'baby face' then actually you would understand why I have the right to complain about this situation.

All the way back since I was a child I always looked a few years younger than I really was. When you're a child it really isn't much of an issue if you look a bit younger than your friends, but once you get to your teenage years and adulthood you start to encounter just a few, if not many problems. Now don't get me wrong there are a few good things about looking younger than your age but there are some disadvantages too, which is why it's both a blessing and a curse.

On the positive side of the spectrum is that sometimes you can get away with paying less money for things as people will believe you are young enough to be in the child bracket. This can be great for buying tickets for example train tickets, exhibition tickets or going to see a movie. Another great point for you fellow beauty lovers out there is that retail advisors will be more inclined to give you free samples of beauty products as they will think that you might be spending all your pocket money if you decide to buy their latest high end foundation, so they will be more inclined to let you go home and try some things out. The last thing to note is that physically speaking your skin looks so plump and line free that you feel so grateful that you don't yet need to buy any pre-anti ageing lotions (and you may not need them for another 15-20 years!).

Now onto the reasons why looking young can be a curse, horrible to say but it's unfortunately true:

Getting ID'd Constantly

Some people love it when they still get asked for ID, me on the other hand really, really hates it! I'm not going to say exactly how old I am but lets just say that I'm in my early 20s so I'm definitely old enough to buy alcohol  when I go out somewhere with my friends or if I'm going to an event, so to be asked for ID just makes me feel really undervalued actually and it knocks your confidence too. You could be dressed really well and know that you look great, but then you find out that you look under 18, no that's not cool at all, in fact it's just plain awkward.

People Looking At You In A Strange Way

By this I mainly mean people walking past you on the street. Now as I work part-time there will be some weekdays where I have some free time to go and run errands or look around my local highstreet and this is when I tend to get strange looks the most because other normal looking adults who are walking will think to themselves 'Why is that girl not in school, sixth form college or at a lecture of some sort when it's a weekday' well you short minded person that is because I'm a grown woman whether you like it or not!! To be honest it doesn't help that I'm 5ft 2 but I can't change that and thinking about it stretching my body doesn't sound like a good idea to me anyway.

Makeup Application

My blog focuses on lifestyle, fashion, photography and obviously makeup, I love the stuff and I can't get enough of it which is why I'm constantly writing beauty reviews. However having a young looking face means that you really have to think about what makeup you are going to wear and how exactly you are going to apply it. Now I do have a go-to very quick daily makeup look if I have very little time and that is concealer under the eyes and on blemishes blended in, then powder it in place, add mascara on both the top and bottom lashes and then lastly put on a nude or light pink lip colour. If I have more time and I actually want to create more of a makeup look then I think about numerous things before I start, things like where I'm going, the type of people that will be there, the type of area it is and what will other people be wearing both fashion and makeup wise so that I can blend in as seamlessly as possible. Also the reason why the way you apply it can be an issue is because certain techniques can work better for minimal makeup and some work for a more stronger makeup look and trust me there's a fine line between how much you put on before you look even younger because you've put on more makeup and this whole situation actually blows my mind, but one tip I can think of is just to blend, blend blend people.

Meeting New People And Forming New Relationships

This one is a biggie for sure. Since I've left sixth form college after completing my A-Levels it's  lot harder to make new friends and if I even wanted to get involved in a proper relationship then at the moment that just seems pretty much impossible. The reason for this is that most men who are my age do look their age but when they glance at me they'll definitely think that I'm under 20 something (unless I'm having a fab makeup day, then whooop!) Of course because of this it means that it will probably take me ages to find a guy to be in a proper relationship with as I need someone who understands that I look this way and equally I may have to find someone who looks young for his age like me so that we can look like spring chickens together(cue Easter reference) which I have a feeling will take a long time. 

I really hope you liked my post on the ups and downs of looking young for your age. Please leave your comments below of any experiences you've had with this as I'd love to find out more about what other people go through and it would be nice to know I'm not the only one with this situation.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you return for my next post

Chantal x

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