Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Why I Hardly Wear Blusher

*Random post alert and also a bit of a makeup confession. Now I pretty much love wearing all kinds of makeup, however with cheek products I've always been a bit on and off with wearing them. It could be a  time issue, indecisiveness or I'm just too lazy to apply them either way they never seem to catch my attention like other makeup products do. Blusher is the worst culprit for this. For the whole of the time I've worn makeup I've only ever worn 2 blushers: one from Natural Collection and one from Sleek but almost all the time I wore them I just felt that they never looked as good on me as I thought even though they were the shades that complimented my skintone the most, or so I thought. My skintone has never been the easiest to match or compliment anyway with it being inbetween warm toned and neutral so that makes finding a blush shade harder than it already should be. Then there's the question of how best to apply it for my face shape. As I have a pear/round shape face the cheek area is a bit flat so I can't just apply to the apples of my cheeks because quite literally I don't have any-my cheeks are flat as a pancake! The very few times I've worn blush I've sort of worn it the way you would wear a highlighter, slightly on the high points of the cheeks and I do find that slightly more flattering, but I don't think I've learnt how to apply it properly yet doing it that way. So yes that is why I hardly wear blusher, if any of you can relate to this then please do comment below as I'd like to know why you don't really bother with it as well. If you think this post sounds completely ridiculous then I'd also like to know why you think that haha, but please don't spread any negative vibes around the place, this is a happy, chillaxed club ok ;).

I hope you found this post vaguely interesting, if you didn't then that's cool just don't mention it hahaha.

Chantal xxx



  1. I too am not the biggest fan of blusher. I feel like each time I put it on, I look like a clown or something. So I rather have a problem with applying too much. I know it's just a matter of blending it out, but I can't seem to do it properly haha. So now I either not wear any blusher or try to use the least amount ever.
    But I think it was a really interesting post! Just to add!

    Marianna X

    1. Ah thanks Marianna :) Yeah it's so true if you add just the tiniest amount more than you should it's suddenly looks like a disaster haha x

  2. This is such a pretty shade. I'm no expert when it comes to blusher actually I'm no expert when it comes to make up but I personally like to use blusher because being someone who is pretty pale I love that it brings colour to my face :)

    1. Yeah that's fair enough, I would probs do the same if I had a paler skin tone x


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