Monday, 29 June 2015

High End Lipstick Review- Tom Ford Lipstick

It's not very often I go out and buy a high end lipstick, so when I saw that House of Fraser had a sale on about a month ago (I think they may still have a sale on now) I had to check out what beauty offers they had on. I've always wanted to own a Tom Ford lipstick what with lipstick being my favourite makeup product ever and that I've heard loads of times that Tom Ford does the best ones, however I've never been able to justify buying one before especially when it's full price. But that changed once I saw there was 10% off beauty on the HOF website. So once pay day happened the purchase happened and I bought the gorgeous First Time lipstick for £34.60 (I can't quite remember the exact price but it was along those lines) instead of paying £37 for it. I know, I know it was still pricey, however for a wearable matte pink shade that you can wear everyday I think in the end it's worth the money.

So how does this ridiculously priced lipstick perform? Well the answer is pretty darn brilliantly! First of all the pigmentation is fab as you'd expect, it's matte which means it really lasts for hours and even when it starts to wear off most of the colour actually still remains on your lips which is great. Another thing I noticed which is a rarity in other lipsticks is that it's the only lipstick that leaves your lips feeling moisturised which completely makes no sense if I'm honest as it's a matte lipstick, but it honestly does leave your lips feeling super soft...amazing! Plus the packaging is just stunning, I mean you know black and gold is always going to be a winning colour combination, right.

I guess the last question would be would I repurchase it? Well considering how fantastic it is I think I actually would. Of course I would wait until pay day comes round and maybe if I bought it again I would have to consider not buying any other makeup or clothes for that month (even though that's a sensible thought in my head I know that's sooo not going to happen and I will most likely buy other goodies that month anyway haha).

I hope you enjoyed this post. Would you ever save up for a Tom Ford lipstick, or if you have a Tom Ford lipstick or a few already what is it you love about them? I'd love to know .

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Chantal xxx



  1. Oh wow, that's such a pretty colour I love it! x

    1. Yeah I love it so much, just a gorgeous everyday pink. I will definitely get my moneys worth out of it, that's for sure x

  2. This llipstick looks and sounds amazing! I love how it leaves your lips moisturized. Great post! :D

  3. The lipstick look amazing on you, love the coral colour<3
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