Thursday, 23 April 2015

That's A Tune #29

Almost a month ago I was searching for a Craig David song randomly, so I listened to 'Fill Me In'. What I didn't realise was that there are so many different remixes of the song, so when I left the song to finish and move onto the next song, I heard a really great but very different version of the song. This version I recently discovered is the Full Crew Remix. It's much smoother and slower sounding, however that's not the only difference. The song itself is completely different to the original, so different that it's practically another song altogether! The lyrics are almost completely different and like I've already mentioned the tempo is completely different too, but I really like this version. I can't say that I prefer it to it's more famous original version because of how different they do sound, but I can safely say that it's been saved on my Spotify playlist for me to listen to it again and again and again...

I hope you liked this post. Thanks for reading! xxx

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