Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bag Collection- Small Bags

I've always wanted to do some sort of collection post, but I have never got round to doing it before. I love watching people's bag and shoe collections on Youtube and I love reading blog posts about them. So today I thought I would show you the first part of my bag collection. As you can see from the title all of these are my small bags that I use either for evenings out or day to day if I only want to carry a few things.

This first bag is a classic monochrome bag from New Look. I do really like this bag but I should whip it out more really, especially now that the 60s are in fashion and this is a very 60s looking bag. I think the only reason why I don't use it as often as I should is because I like to be able to stuff tons of useless things I don't need in my bag, which you can't do with small bags. Maybe that's a good thing though as it could teach me to only bring the things I really need with me. I do still love this bag though.

This next bag was a gift and it has a beautiful quilted design with a huge rose in the middle of it. I think it's really cute and quite versatile as you could get away with wearing it day or night as it's quite a fancy bag, but it's still definitely day time appropriate. It was from Dorothy Perkins which is a shop that does sell really nice accessories, especially bags.

Another bag that was a gift was this Guess one. This bag is very noughties in style but I think I can just about still get away with wearing it for evening and nights out. It has a colour combo of black, silver and brown with a giant chain metal strap, which in some way is good as it won't fall off your shoulder easily. Also the giant zip means that your contents of your bag are very well protected, which is always useful.

This was the clutch bag I wore to my prom a few years ago and I adore it. I love how simple it looks, but yet there's still a bit of detail to it with the subtle snakeskin print going on. Plus the gold detail on the top of the bag adds some metallic definition to it.

Ok so this bag is probably the cheapest bag I own. There's a shop in the UK called Shaws that sells things like pillow cases, duvets and those kind of things. One time I went in there with my mum to pick up something and I noticed they were selling these really lovely sequin bags. They had three colours- white, black and silver, so I went for the white one. Not only is it really pretty but it only cost £2.99! This is a great evening bag and even though it's about six years old I think, I can still use it now for nights out and it looks great.

So now we have the first handbag that I ever received. I got this when I was 11 and I just done some of my end of year exams. It's such a cute Radley bag and what really made me choose this bag was that it has the Radley dog attached to it, of course. I used to wear this bag all the time when I was younger, now I use it for special occasions and more formal events.

The tiniest bag I have is this across body bag from New Look. I use this mainly when I'm just popping out for a walk or if I feel like going to the shops to buy some chocolate or sweets as it's the perfect sized bag to carry essentials like your change, a couple of notes, your phone and of course your keys, unless you want to be stuck outside haha. I like the colour combination of the cream and black as it's a little different to the usual black and white scenario.

Lastly we have this safari style bag that I tend to use in the summer just because it looks more summery compared to the other bags. You can actually carry quite a few things in here even though it's still a small bag  as it has a bit of stretchability to it (is that even a word, I don't know, but I like the sound of it haha).

I really hope you enjoyed this bag collection post. I'll be back with a collection of my large bags soon, but I may put up a few posts before then.

See you soon. xxx


  1. You have some lovely bags! I think I have to buy some new ones soon as I only have a few of them :)

    Love,Sara Wallflower

  2. Great collection! I don't have many small bags, i usually have large ones as i tend to carry my life around with me! But i love the first one from New Look.

    1. Ah thanks, yeah I will definitely be wearing that one more often now. :) x

  3. Love them all,such a nice collection!

  4. My fave bag is the top one and the one with the flower. So cute. Love it

    Check me Out!!!


    1. Thanks for reading my blog. :) Yeah of course I will check out your blog. xx

  5. Owww I really like the little one with the bow on it :)) Loved your collection! You could do a lipstick collection also or something random! I really like your blog ^-^
    your newest follower :)) xx

    It would mean so much to me if you visited my blog, if you have some time to spare <3

    Berry The Blue

    1. Yay thanks so much for reading my blog and following it! :) Yeah I was thinking of doing other collection posts after I've done the next part to my bag collection, so we'll see :) xx

  6. You're so cute :)! I love your bag collection <3

  7. The first bag is so pretty, really like your collection, so many different ones!

    Much love xxx


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