Saturday, 24 May 2014

My beauty un-favourites

Over the past few months I have collected up a stash of products that personally either did not impress me, or were rather rubbish. So I am writing you this post to inform you that you should avoid these products so that you don't waste your time using them.

Now I'm going to start with probably the worst product out of the bunch, the Good Things Stay Clear Cleanser. Well actually now I think of it, it is the worst product out of the bunch for many reasons. But before I mention those I just want to say that the only reason why I got this cleanser is because my Good Things Fresh Start Creamy Cleanser  ran out and I can't find it in any of the stores so I had to pick this monstrosity up. The first reason why this is the worst product is that it doesn't lather up properly as it's a gel formula (which I didn't realise in the first place). This makes is so difficult to actually get all the make up off your face in the first place! Secondly whilst you wash it off, it takes ages to make sure that it has all come off your face and you don't want that feeling of still having make up on your face. Lastly and the most annoying thing about this product is that it gives you spots when your skin was perfectly fine before you used it!!! Sure it gets rid of a few current spots, but because it's SO drying on the skin it sucks all the oil out of your face which then makes you produce more spots. Avoid, Avoid, AVOID!!

My next product is something that I have only worn once, but that's not just because the colour doesn't suit me, there's another major problem with the Marks & Spencer Limited Collection eye shadows. I have it in the shade LEAF which for some reason I thought this type of green colour would suit me, but it looked awful on my eyes and just made them look sort of muddy and bland. Not good. Also the staying power of these eye shadows is so bad. I put some of the colour on when I came home and an hour later it had already creased really badly. I was disappointed with this as I thought the M&S make up line would be of better quality, but I was wrong, very wrong.

Now my third product I actually didn't used to hate at first once I wore it from the middle to the end of last year, but it was only until the beginning of this year that I noticed a problem. The Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara is a defining mascara, so it's more of an everyday mascara even though it says volume on the packaging, it doesn't give you much volume. But I wasn't really bothered about that. What I was bothered about was that eventually I started to noticed that at the end of the day of wearing it, there was a greyish/black shadow under my two lower eyelids. This really annoyed me as it took me ages for some reason to realise that it was the mascara causing this and not an eye liner or an eye shadow. It's a shame because I love Bourjois products normally(I'm obsessed with their Happy Light Foundation) but this was just a let down. Sorry Bourjois.

My last product for me was a let down as it promises so much and for a hand cream with a slightly more expensive price than other hand creams I did not like this. It claims to help with 'instant relief of dry, chapped hands'. Well sorry it did not do this. This almost gel like hand cream takes ages to sink into the skin as you have to spend so much time rubbing it in, still to find that it leaves a white mask on the back of your hands.What! I'm sorry I don't want my hands to look like ghost hands because a hand cream won't work properly, not cool. Also once it does sink in, your hands feel better for like an hour or so, but then they just feel all dry again and at almost £5 for only 50ml, which you end up using a lot of anyway, it's just an utter waste of money.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the products that I think you should avoid so that you don't make the same mistakes as me. Tell me if you agree with me on any of these products. Also lets me know what products have let you down so that other readers know to avoid them too.

See you soon xx


  1. Shame, this is such a negative post as some products aren't worth it! I had a cleanser too that I hated from clearasil, it was such a shame! xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks for commenting. Yeah I do try not to write too many posts about disappointing products, but sometimes I feel that I need to inform people about them so that they don't go out and waste their money on bad products like I did. xx


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